print advertisement for the


The product I chose to advertise was a very iconic, well-known and established one, the 7-11 slurpee. The marketing objective for this advertisement was to market this as THE summer drink this 2017, specifically targeted to younger kids and millennial ranging from 10 - 16 years old. The illustration style I used was a very playful, fun, and cartoon-y one, with very graphic text, all on a simple yet fun background commonly used on the packaging of the slurpee cups. The headline I came up with was "Wait! There's an easier way to beat the summer heat!," and this could then turn into a campaign of different visuals of people finding funny ways of cooling off, such as in this case shaving your head.


My intent was to focus less on showing the refreshing aspect of the drink, which is why I chose to deter from photography or realistic visuals, and try to embody the spirit and personality of the drink, humorous, playful, and fun. We were then asked to recreate the same ad but for an outdoor advertisement.